Pagerank Extension has problem with Javascript?

This page is intended to test a problem with the Pagerank-Extension.


After the clean installation of Firefox 1.03 and the subsequent installation of my favorite extensions, Firefox was unable to open windows via the “”-function. Furthermore I was unable to shut down Firefox, because the “hidden” windows where somehow hindering this. Only via the task mananger I could kill the Firefox-Task.

Okay, I deactivated all my extensions and tested every extension and I’ve found out that the responsible extension for this behavior was the “Pagerank”-Extension.

Activate PR-Extension and click here to open a window.

When the PR-Status-Extension is active my Firefox doesn’t open a window and Firefox will not close properly.


Probably the solution: I’ve tried out the german version of the extension — with a positive result. 😉 Somehow the english version of the extension does not like a german installation of Firefox?

4 Antworten auf „Pagerank Extension has problem with Javascript?“

  1. No problems on my Side.
    Aber mit aktiviertem Tidy HTML Plugin ging mein Postbank Banking nichtmehr :/
    hab ich auch ne Weile gebraucht rauszufinden, das das daran schuld war. Die neue Version geht scheinbar ohne Probleme.

  2. Stephane:

    Maybe there was a problem in conjunction with an existing extension. But since my FF works with the german version of PRS there is no need to test it again. 😉

    But anyway… thanks for your support.

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