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  1. OldApps.com has several objectives to serve in this online community. We are trying our best to provide older version of any software. Often newer versions are attractive yet complicated to use and understand and sometimes it is hard to find old version. Many software providers do not put older version of their software on their site therefore site like this would come online and help others.

    This site is strictly made to provide only original software so there is no way that our users will end up getting any spyware or adware on their computers. Adware and Spyware are small but super strong hidden files which will transfer your personal data to advertisers over the internet. We strongly recommend you to get older version of any software from OldApps.com so you can prevent your identity theft by the advertisers and hackers.

    We are happy to provide you the freedom of choice by letting you choose the software version you want.

    Software updates are being release more and more frequently but not every computer is able to keep up with the minimum requirements of the software. For those of you whose computer is not able to meet new requirements have to use old version of the software.

    Many slow internet connection users want to get the smallest possible program to use. OldApps.com is taking care of those by keeping our super fast servers online 24/7 and providing most of the old version of the given software.

    We are expanding our networks and we will keep rolling down more and more futures so be sure to keep in touch with our online old version database.

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